Be Authentic

Be Authentic

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK...usually Spirit gives me messages on Thursday nights to share with you in this, your 'FAB FRIDAY INBOXpiration'.

Last night however, I was extremely present for one of my beautiful clients in a crisis...and after that I fell asleep on my couch...totally exhausted.

So here it is...5:30am Friday morning...and I'm inspired to share what I believe is the secret to a happy & fulfilled life.

Drum roll please.....Authenticity! overused term these days. I see few people actually living it however.

Not many are expressing courageously what's in alignment with their heart and soul.

What I do see is many people busy chasing society's expectations of a happy & successful life. A popular expression of this: creating shiny yet phoney online personas in this social media obsessed culture.

Many wonder why they do not experience true satisfaction. They wind up doing things to escape the pain of the insult to their true self.

I've noted that living an inauthentic life leads to habits like: people-pleasing, perfectionism, power/control issues, overeating, overdrinking, drug use, shopaholic binges, other addictions & bad habits, relationship breakdown, affairs... combat the pain.

My belief is that our soul craves to be fully expressed...and when it is suffers deeply and goes to the 'dark places'.

How do you feel about your life?

Are you out what you were born to do? Do you stay true to you...making it your purpose to connect to your Purpose...if you have not already?

I KNOW you were created on none of us was created by accident by a cruel Creator. Nope...I cannot fathom that.

As my dear mentor Oprah Winfrey says: "Our purpose is to connect to our Purpose, and to humbly serve the world with it".

O knows very well that living an authentic & meaningful life...leading to our Purpose is the key to joy, love & success ♡

I see it demonstrated over and over that it can actually be dangerous to our bodies, minds and spirits to put up a good front and live a lie.

A wake-up call to live authentically can even get expressed as serious illness such a cancer...or (as in my case), mental breakdown (depression, anxiety and panic disorder).

What do YOU think love? Message me back if you wish to share your thoughts...I would LOVE to hear them!

Here to serve you always,


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