Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Ok Elvira...ever notice how being around certain people energizes you? You just feel more alive? You are fueled with possibility? Their vibe is simply magnetic & electric!

It's wonderful isn't it?

I trust you have experienced the opposite too, right? You know...the heavy and burden-filled energy of those who may have simply lost touch with their truth...and have little 'lightness of being'?

It's pretty amazing how we can go from one state to the other...based on our thoughts...which turn into our feelings...which become our vibration.

Studies have shown that people's states do vibrate differently on scientific equipment...and it isn't just 'woo woo'.

The ideal is to make it a habit to vibrate at a level that makes you happier and in turn others will crave your vibe...leading you to magnetize better things!

It's pretty simple really.

Even if you have been in a low vibration state for most of your whole life...but are sick and tired of feeling sick and DO have the power to shift into 'Miracle Magnet' zone.

Trust me...if it works for a former 'Crap Magnet' like can work for ANYONE!

What vibe do YOU choose?

At Your Service,


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