Art is Peace

Art is Peace

Art is Peace I hope that today's message may be a simple little reminder for you ♡

Did you know that by allowing yourself to let go and flow with the vibration of creation.. be it painting, singing, dancing...etc...,you can actually process emotions which may be released for greater inner peace?

This can be whether creating or experiencing art, whichever lights you up. ☆

In essence, unprocessed emotions are like a heavy weight that holds you down,.. but once released, allow you to soar! By choosing to create very consciously...or perhaps 'co-create' is the better word as you are always creating with your Creator...peace can happen ♡

Is there a latent artist within you? Are you fully self-expressed as a multidimensional being?

You deserve to feel better in the high vibration of peace...and the world needs what you got!

Hit Reply and tell me what YOU plan to create more of ☆

At Your Service,


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