Are You Aware of How Truly Powerful You Are?

Are You Aware of How Truly Powerful You Are?

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Ok Elvira...are you someone who tends to bring 'good vibes' or 'less-than-good vibes' into an environment?

We have all known people who virtually walk around with a black cloud above their head...and it appears to be raining where they are (I'm remembering a lesser know cartoon character in The Flintstones, who was just that...but I digress)!

It's a heavy energy to be around them.

We also know those who are simply easy and joyful to be around. Their high vibration is simply lovely & palpable!

I believe that each one of us is responsible for the energy we bring. You Elvira can actually lift a room UP...or bring a room DOWN based on the thoughts you choose to believe and the vibration those thoughts turn into.

You ARE THAT powerful!

As often as you are able, I encourage you to practice thoughts of loving kindness towards yourself and then to love is one of the highest vibrations we can achieve. As this becomes your new way of will amaze yourself as you watch the miracles manifest in your life ♡

Always At Your Service,


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