Are You a Lighthouse?

Are You a Lighthouse?

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Today I had an extra special coaching session with a beloved client who recently had a HUGE breakthrough in terms of how she viewed herself.

Our self-perception can skyrocket us to the stars or drag us to the pits of depression. I speak from experience.

This beautiful soul decided to truly embody the fact that she IS a beautiful goddess (hint hint: we are ALL divine...created by ONE divine Source) and went on a very special stage to 'do her thing'...and she shone SO bright...surprised and delighted her audience in a palpable way. It was a real blessing to be there...WOW ☆

When we shift the way we see ourselves...miracles truly can happen ♡

To support her amazing work, I suggested the metaphor of being a 'lighthouse' that shines SO others may find their way the TRUTH of who they are. She decided she wants to live with this it just feels SO good!

Consider that your mission may also include being a lightworker/lighthouse...if you are a heart-centred ROCKSTAR like 99% of my tribe ...who humbly serve their tribe through their personal others have hope and can find their way home too ♡

So keep playing your BIGGEST game & inspire those you are meant they can remember who they are...and not who the world told them to be.

When each of us truly gets our own divine nature & Unique Legacy...the world will truly transform.

Can you only imagine how beautiful that will be?

Always At Your Service,


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