So we are only days away now from a wonderful 3-day festivity I’m blessed to be sponsoring & serving in Toronto!!  


This will be SUCH a unique gathering that has NEVER been done before ☆


The intentional blending of health concerns with Tesla-related inventions is still a rare juncture in most people’s mind.  


Furthermore, nothing has become more important recently than to aspire for thriving ‘Holistic Health & Wellness’ ♡


That’s why seizing this opportunity will be a wonderful one-of-a-kind experience for you!  


Visit our menu and decide how to get involved as a sponsor, vendor or a curious participant ☆

Tesla’s Medicine’ Film and Trade Show details and tickets:  


Time is of essence, because access is limited, so reserve your place without delay!  


Tickets for each of the events during the weekend are at bottom of the page.


We also have an Exhibitors page now that is growing every day with some exclusive hand-picked participants: 


 ‘Vitality Newsletter shows a splendid article as well: 


Finally, if you or someone you know could contribute as an exhibitor to this incredible event, fill out our Trade Show application form here


 As we are in a sharing economy now, please feel free to forward this invitation to friends and family or those who may benefit.   


It may not be for you, but someone you know might find relief from whatever they are going through… or to use for prevention and encouraging a healthier lifestyle ♡


Please ‘Hit Reply’ to ask me any questions!


Hope to see & SQUISH you at the iconic Redwood Theatre!


And here is radio show interview that just got released today too.  Will be up on YouTube and Rumble later


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PS. We have ONLY TWO tickets left for our inaugural ‘Karaoke Connections’ on June 7th… which is going to be AMAZING ☆ Please join us

We released it! See attached, and lets share!


The Redwood Theatre Launches Wellness Festival Inspired by Nikola Tesla

Tesla’s Medicine Meeting and Trade Show brings together health, music and technology fields to explore the impact of electro-medicine on current health practices.

For Immediate Release — TORONTO, ON (May 31, 2024) The Redwood Theatre, Toronto’s exciting new centre for arts and innovation will host a high-frequency wellness event inspired by renowned engineer and futurist, Nikola Tesla. The Tesla’s Medicine festival is a 3-day event that explores Tesla’s historical medical inventions and demonstrates how electro- medicine impacts current healing practices. With over 20+ speakers and exhibitors, the trade show offers inventors and distributors, therapy practitioners, artists and the curious a chance to share information, experience technology and foster collaborations. The inaugural event includes a wide range of engaging programming, interactive sessions and demonstrations by leading thinkers in the natural health field. Tesla’s Medicine takes place on Father’s Day Weekend from June 14 through 16 at The Redwood Theatre & Redwood Studios located at 1300 & 1289 Gerrard Street East, Toronto (at Greenwood, on the 506 College streetcar).


Designed to create a greater awareness of the immeasurable health benefits of adopting a more holistic, natural health lifestyle, the idea for the Tesla’s Medicine festival stems from a desire to combine healing technologies with practitioners and entertainers working in the well-being domain. “The aim is to integrate wellness in all aspects of life, including entertainment, so we see the festival as a natural next step for what we have already begun by installing tactile audio-chairs throughout the theatre,” explains the Redwood Theatre’s Executive Director, Dr. Maria Karam. The chairs, designed and developed by Dr. Karam, have revolutionized the sensory experience for hearing-impaired music enthusiasts who now – for the first time – can take part in live music performances felt through vibrational pulses amplified through this innovative technology.


Over the course of the three days, Tesla’s Medicine festival attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about creating healthy homes, regenerative farming techniques and how to optimize their health through the use of diverse healing modalities, such as reiki, qi gong, healing touch, vibration, music and light therapy, tactile and haptic sound therapies, PEMF, electromagnetism, forest and frequency therapy. Participants will also have the chance to explore how to use quartz crystals, human biofields to enhance their overall physical and mental well-being, and to experience PEMF, PEMA, Scalar Waves, Red Light Infrared Light, and UV light machines. The goal of the festival is to create a media spa that utilizes Tesla machines and healing devices, offers sound baths, electro-yoga, water enhancements and fuels conversations around healthy foods, lifestyle married with music, dance and live concerts. Technology exhibits include VR, immersive experience and experiential displays.

The weekend opens with a gala featuring a virtual appearance by Reiki Master August Worley, a high-octane circus performance, an electro-yoga dance party and a performance by highly acclaimed jazz pianist and Redwood Theatre artistic director, Bill King. A highlight of the weekend will be a screening of Tesla Medicine, the first of three films by Robert Connolly documenting the medical inventions that produce a magnetic field to treat patients. The filmmaker will be present for a Q & A, following the screening. 


“We are going to be using the theatre as a prototype for approaching wellness from the position of joy, and not just from the position of pain or illness,” Karam continues. “Once we decided to launch this festival, people started coming together bringing in a larger community who also feel that wellness is much more of a lifestyle change than just a remedy for ailments, in fact energy therapy is complementary medicine in all of the traditional fields”.


The community that has stepped up to support the inaugural event includes producers of the long running Total Health Convention and Exhibition. Total Health began in 1978 with an event held at Toronto’s Royal York Hotel. The much-anticipated event pioneered the natural health movement in Canada, drawing leading practitioners who were invested in the exploration of alternative medicine, healing through herbal treatments and natural supplements, as well as diverse healing modalities, energy medicine and changes to overall lifestyle. With a focus on organic gardening, traditional farming, agricultural biodiversity and creating healthy homes and ecologically based communities, generated by renewable energy sources that work to preserve a healthy environment for our children. Total Health brought together innovators to share information, experience technology, foster collaborations to grow the movement and showed Canadians the innumerable ways they can benefit from adopting a more holistic and natural healthy lifestyle.


Presented by The Redwood Theatre in association with The Inventors Nest and Inventors’ Circle, Tesla’s Medicine is made possible by the support of dedicated sponsors including Activation Products, Media Tribe, Tesla Medicine Film, Tactile Audio Displays Inc., Inventors’ Circle and Elvira V. Hopper and Elvira V. Hopper, who also serves as the festival’s MC.


Tesla’s Medicine offers tickets tiers that include tradeshow day passes, an opening night gala, film screenings and VIP lounges and access options. For more information, event schedule and to purchase tickets, please visit The Redwood Theatre online:


About The Redwood Theatre

Celebrating its 110th Anniversary in 2024, The Redwood Theatre is a community art/tech hub and live music venue in Toronto’s Little India. The theatre has earned a reputation as an epicentre where music, dance, circus, theatre, art, film, production, and food creators interact. Originally built as a vaudeville theatre in 1914, the Classic Theatre was home to the most inviting vaudeville performers at the turn of the last century. In the 1940s and 1950s, the theatre adapted to a cinema to accommodate the introduction of talking feature films. From 1956 until the late 1980s, it operated as Pennyworth’s department store. Then, in 2005, the Zero Gravity Circus rented the theatre, and began presenting cabarets and offering aerial circus classes. In 2017, longtime Leslieville residents Dr. Maria Karam and Robert Indrigo took over operations in effort to save the historic building from condo developers. The couple began by introducing a farmer’s market followed by arts programming that now includes various musical and theatrical productions, film screenings and community events. A zero waste, queer-friendly space, The Redwood Theatre offers high-end, safe, social experiences where artistic collaborations flourish, adding much needed vibrancy and revitalization to the community at large. The first step in bringing this vision to life saw Karam and Indrigo renovate the theatre to include a new hardwood sprung dance floor and raised stage, state of the art sound system and eight aerial rigging points to accommodate circus performances from the venue’s dramatic 20’ ceilings. The barrier-free theatre features original exposed brick walls, a raised lounge area as well as bar and food service.

For more information about The Redwood Theatre, please visit

Media requiring interviews, artwork, or a tour of The Redwood Theatre, please contact:

Victoria Lord – | 647-519-8577

The Redwood Theatre | 1300 Gerrard Street East Toronto, ON M4L 1Y7 CA

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