Aligned Magic

Aligned Magic

Aligned Magic

OK…so today’s message is an invitation to step into your Aligned Magic / Your Thing ☆

I believe that if your heart & soul are aligned with your Purpose… the deeper reason why YOU were brought here in THIS lifetime… you can expect magic & miracles to find YOU ☆

They are your birthright.

They are the Universe’s gift to you for FINALLY ‘getting it’!

I tear up in joy & gratitude when I hear beautiful souls claim ‘The Love Your Vibe Podcast’ to be their favorite podcast. WOW!

My dear friend & colleague Eleanor Hayward & I collapsed into easy & powerful synchronicity in our co-creation of it with our beloved producer Stephan Danko ♡♡♡

We realized that our Aligned Magic was to raise the visibility of our messages & unique tools to help heart-centred humans do their Inner Work…so we can co-create Heaven-On-Earth ♡

It’s virtually effortless for us.

It’s truly OUR Thing.  

Have you tuned into YOUR Thing?

Hint-hint: YOUR thing need not be only ONE thing.

If not, we hope you can tune into OUR Thing to help you determine YOUR Thing ☆

Fun Fact: This Episode #6 was our personal favorite…SO much JOY!

I would love you to Hit Reply and let me know what you think of our podcast. I would also love to know what still lies in YOU to DO?

At Your Service,


PS. Wishing all those who celebrate, a most blessed Passover, Good Friday & Easter ♡

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