Aligned & Authentic

Aligned & Authentic

OK...I was asked to remind you to think about the cost of NOT living YOUR truth.

Sounds pretty heavy right?

It can be. CAN be a wake up call!

Are you aware that when we live by default (not living our truth) and not by design (living our truth) the misalignment can actually negatively affect us in a myriad of ways?

Mental health breakdown, physical illness, adult bullying, marriage/intimate relationship struggles and addictions are some of the ways in which our bodies try to signal us to WAKE UP.

For me it came as a combo platter of these issues. I was not open to seeing that my struggles were a result of living someone else's truth (ie: my parent's and society's).

2 years of solid adult bullying that lead to depression, anxiety and panic disorder, as well as addictions big and small that deeply affected my marriage...was really the Universe hitting me upside the head and telling me to GET OUT of my 6 figure award-winning corporate career.

When I had the courage to leave, EVERYTHING I needed to improve my 'mental hell' status was divinely gifted to me...and was not meant for just me.

It is now become a global movement, to help other kind and heart-centred people who have given away their power, the ability to take it back and 'do the work' to find out who they TRULY are...and WHY they are here in this lifetime.

The world needs the REAL you...the aligned and authentic and FULLY self-expressed YOU!

By you expressing your innate passions, gifts, talents and interests, you WILL serve the world BEST.

And as a bonus, you need to never actually 'work' another day in your life either! Finding a way...even starting very small and part time...or early in the morning...or in the evenings...but STARTING...sends the Universe a sign that you are READY to RECEIVE!

Then you will notice the serendipitous signs that light up the path towards your destiny/Purpose/ WHY/Mission (pick your favorite) ☆

The right people, circumstances and things find YOU...because you put in the 'heart & soul work' of letting go of who you are bright shiny you...the REAL YOU...gets to show up and you may fulfill your Mission in this lifetime ☆

Are you struggling through life...with a smile on your face...because you dare not let people in on your secret imposter life?

Do you not wish to worry anyone as you picked a GREAT and lucrative career you are truly not happy with deep down in your gut?

Are you pretty darned sure that life SHOULD feel better than it does?

Do you feel that you are here to accomplish more before you leave our planet?

Here's to YOU connecting to your aligned and authentic and FULLY self-expressed self and finding YOUR Life Purpose...sooner than later.

It isn't in only SOME of's in EVERY one of us!

Some will answer their heart and soul's call to find it. Others will struggle and eventually die with their REAL music still in them.

I hate to be a 'Debbie Downer'...but which person do you believe YOU will be?

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