Accept ‘What Is’

Accept ‘What Is’

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Ok...can you imagine what our lives would look like if we could flow with ALL that came our way?

What would it be like if we could accept the 'what is' about our life and not struggle with the pain and low vibrations of wanting things to go the way we expect it to?

Being of the human species...chances are virtually 100% that our ego wants to 'drive the car' every day.

Personally, I envision that my ego is a 3 year old child...who would love to sit in the driver's seat...and drive the car. However it's 3 years old..and it cannot!

So...I choose to speak gently to it and ask it to climb into the back seat and allow me and my Higher Power to drive instead.

When I speak gently to it...ego does comply and sits nicely in the back seat.

It will probably try again tomorrow though. It will need another reminder...and another...etc. It's the human condition. We need to consistently take back the wheel and not be driven by ego.

When we stay in our 'Higher/Divine Self/Miracle Magnet Zone', we can truly manifest the life of our dreams...and leave behind the ego induced old expectations and low vibrations which attract crappy situations, people and things to us.

May we always trust that the Source that created us truly has our backs and is allowing us to experience what we need to, in order to become more of our authentic selves, so we can leave the world a better place in our own unique way ♡

Always at your service,


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