A New Podcast

A New Podcast

A New Podcast

OK , so my beautiful partner Eleanor Hayward & I are curious to know…do you have a Vision Board? 

What has been YOUR experience manifesting your dreams?

Eleanor created a wonderful one in June of 2020: a collage of colorful magazine images that she reflected upon in her ‘Miracle Mindset Ritual’ ☆

One notable item on it was: “Creating a Podcast”!

It was outside of her comfort zone, yet learning this new skill was a challenge she was willing to grow into ♡

In Spring of 2021, I remember a woman from a networking community we belong to try to ‘Mean Girl/Bully’ me. 

Yup, like a 15-year-old girl. Fortunately, she was like a fly I just brushed aside where the ‘old me’ would have nearly died.

In that moment,  I insisted that Eleanor & I start a podcast so we could inspire heart-centered humans (who may have ALSO been bullied) to ‘Love Their Vibe’…  and to do their ‘Inner Work’ of healing & evolving so they could stop attracting what they DON’T want…and attract what they DO want. In other words, grow from being Crap Magnets into being Miracle Magnets ☆

A wonderful client of Eleanor’s who became my very good friend…a brother really…experienced my online signature course, and believed very much in our mission/movement ♡

He also happened to have a state-of-the-art recording studio in his home! 

Stephan Danko became the beloved producer of our beautiful Passion Project ☆

(Fun Fact: He is a total sound nerd and a fan of my sacred sound healing! We are producing our FIRST vinyl sound healing album)

The Love Your Vibe Podcast‘ shares personal development that serves heart-centered humans globally in doing their ‘Inner Work’ of healing & evolving into their best most aligned, authentic & fully self-expressed selves!  

The 3 of us believe that a world full of people like us could be ‘Heaven-On-Earth’ 

We just dropped Episode 5, where we speak on ‘Religion vs Spirituality. In this conversation, we ask you to consider what feels more in alignment for YOU?

It’s a PERFECT time to ‘Love Your Vibe’ and learn more about how YOUR Personal Development/Inner Work can serve you AND our world in the most beautiful way!

You will be in the right place if you are a kind and heart-centered human, looking to learn new ways of showing up, aligned, authentic, and FULLY self-expressed!

Please consider joining our ‘Revolution of Evolution’! 

It is clear to us that dreams really DO COME TRUE ☆

We invite you to listen and share any feedback with us by hitting ‘Reply’, right here!

At Your Service, 


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