OK … so today I invite you to check out a cool podcast I was blessed to be a part of, as my dear buddy Brad is an award-winning podcaster and wonderful advocate of women & their stories!

Here is what Brad says:

“In the latest episode of the Empowerography Podcast, my guest is Elvira V Hopper.

Her Life Message is about getting real with ourselves and choosing to leave behind any successful looking, yet impostor life.

She wants all of us to live in our authentic truth and witness how the miracles of our heart’s deepest desires happen when we do.

She believes we can even defy historical/genetic low vibration mindsets and fates.

Personally, she had to play small, respectable, responsible and safe, when she was an 11 year old who was shut down after she shared her desire to pursue a career in the performing arts, that she was SO passionate about.

Her father rejected her desires to be on stage, as he suffered as an unrealized artist & wanted similar ‘safety’ for his only daughter.

So, Elvira became a people pleaser and an imposter choosing both of her ROCKSTAR healthcare careers (lab technologist in cancer research & award-winning pharmaceutical rep) spanning 27 years, to appease her father and to look successful to the world.

Her ego could never be satiated and she needed outer validation (parental & society) like she needed oxygen.

She lived SO out of alignment and did not love or approve of herself at ALL.

Although she was promoted constantly, won many awards & finished off those careers making 6 figures…yet she also suffered a ‘blessed’ mental breakdown, sparked by adult bullying, which was Elvira’s wake up call that ‘the jig was up’ and she had to get out to become her AUTHENTIC SELF.


She firmly believes that it’s never too late to wake up to whatever dreams lie in you…as they never fully go away and CAN be activated even later in life. 

She herself attracted the miracle of getting to live her childhood dream of becoming a now award-winning pro jazz artist at 51!

In this episode we discuss being a Miracle Magnet, your JPG Zone the Vibration of Authentic Power, living out of alignment and dying with our music inside us.

In this episode you’re going to learn:

1. All about living your aligned, authentic, fully self-expressed best life.

2. How to become a Miracle Magnet.

3. What your VAP is.

“I truly, don’t work today because everything I do is in my JPG zone” – 00:02:49

“I believe that each one of us are divine beings here to serve the world in a way that only we can” – 00:34:45

“I want you to love your vibe. I want you to be the Miracle Magnet that you were born to be” – 00:54:59 “

I invite you to share this episode with anyone you know who may be struggling, living out of alignment…especially if they look shiny or cool on the outside, but you know better.

As always, please hit Reply and share any feedback or questions you might have, as your message goes privately to my inbox and I personally respond to every message!

At Your Service, 


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