5 Day Event

5 Day Event

5 Day Event

OK…. so once again I wish to honour my beloved friend & colleague Eleanor’s Social Media share from yesterday, as I loved it SO MUCH ☆

It’s also a beautiful invitation for YOU dear heart-centred soul ♡


“This #ThinkingThursday it’s time to toot my own horn!

Ultimately, it’s a community accomplishment, and expanding.

What has called me professionally as a health practitioner, is to lead the leaders of leaders, in the field of mental wellness.

The global pandemic brought the opportunity to co-create ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’, and I’ve felt my Purpose more resolutely ever since!

The VIP Mindset Reset Online Course was the inspiration. 

The intimate Story of Miracle Mindset CoacHealer Elvira V. Hopper, with the fundamental teachings & tools that saved her sanity & life at her lowest, accompanied by worksheets for self reflection, and your takeaway unique blueprint that can help you be a Miracle Magnet forever ☆

Many of these teachings & tools I had practiced with the hard way, one at a time and by myself, and I truly loved the collection tied up in a neat bow!

She also introduced some unique concepts & practices, that really hit the spot and shifted my self awareness and personal boundaries even deeper for better relationships — with myself & others.

5 Day Event

Technology & time combined powerfully in the co-creation of the 6-Month Group Mentorship Program with Jennifer Hawkins, to innovate for personal development in small community where all are Safe, Seen, Celebrated & Supported ♡

The best part about this whole journey as the Lead Miracle Mindset Mentor (MMM), is using my unique skills to train and mentor other amazing MMM’s!

My dreams are coming true, as we plan to launch the next cohort of MMM’s of ‘The Love Your Vibe Transformation’ with their own communities, and our freshly minted ‘Business-In-A-Box’ to guide their journey ☆

Our collaborative mission is to share the #MiracleMagnetMovement with the world!

We are powerful yet heart-centred Light & Shadow Workers on Earth to serve your personal evolution in healing & growth to greatness you were born for!

Join us in the Facebook Group ‘Miracle Magnet Zone‘ for daily insight & inspiration, and for the ‘5-Day Miracle Mindset Invitation’ daily LIVE from May 1-5, 2023 at 12-1pm EST ♡ 

If you cannot be there LIVE, you can watch the replays!

Here we’ll be sharing a sampling of our teachings & tools along with a complimentary Playbook for application to your OWN life & present circumstances, along with sharing our stories of how they’ve transformed our lives!

There will be a chance to WIN a ‘6-Month Program’ by sharing your Inner Work process with us! 

Mark your calendar now and we’ll see you then…as you are SO worth it…taking this time to uplevel your ONE precious life ♡”


Again, do ask to join ‘FB Group Miracle Magnet Zone‘!

At Your Service, 


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