Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK Elvira...I'm cheating this week...as I normally channel a message to serve you each Thursday night. This week I'm taking a little time 'off the grid' that I'm looking forward to sharing next week...so just a few nuggets & an offer today!

It was a joy to be interviewed by Christy Laverty...PR & Media Coach extraordinaire last week ☆

Here are 3 Tips I shared with her & her audience on a FB Live...that I hope serve you too!

1. Surround yourselves with those who will lift you higher...and love the others (even former close friends & family) from an energetically safe distance.

2. Connect with & do more things you love. Be very intentional. This raises your vibration...so you attract better things, situations & people to you.

3. Things happen 4 U not 2 U...you are NEVER a victim - refuse to see yourself that way.

That's it...short and sweet ♡

Once again...I have a few 1:1 Elite Coaching spots available this July.

So...if you identify with being a "heart-centred ROCKSTAR' Elvira, as you have done a LOT of AMAZING things & people are always telling you how inspiring you are...but deep down you struggle with Imposter Syndrome - feel that you are not really worthy of these accolades - & have suffered in the dark places (eg. depression, anxiety & panic), but still sense deeply that you were brought here in this lifetime to play a MUCH bigger game. If you would LOVE to learn get out of your own way so you can make the difference you were born to make (#uniquelegacy) on the planet, while living the life of your dreams...please connect with me...I would love to chat ♡

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Always here to serve you beauty,


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