When in Doubt…Frolic!

When in Doubt…Frolic!

Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Did you smile when you read the title today? I hope so!

Too many of us are wound too tight...and push our agendas and force things to happen OUR way.

We forget that there truly is a Divine Order / Natural Flow in the Universe...and if we get accustomed to being aligned with our Personal Truth in keeping with this Divine Flow...we intuitively take inspired action that will lead us to more beautiful places and better results in our life ☆

In essence, we can learn to get out of our own 'EGO' way...and be powered up by our Divine Source that never steers us in the wrong direction.

When we play and take ourselves lightly...the Universe senses that we trust it...and we can live in this zone & manifest our heart's desires that the Universe / Source truly wants us to have ☆

So...the next time you are feeling stressed and are in a state of doubt...simply get out of your head...have a little fun (FROLIC) and watch the miracles happen!

Always here to serve you,


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