Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK...so today's message is coming to you from one of the most gorgeous places on the planet...sunny and warm Tuscany, Italy ☆

I feel beyond honoured and blessed that a part of my work (not work) now includes me executing beautiful global transformational retreats!

This week I'm co-hosting (with my organizational maven & dear soul sister Theresa C. Chan) 5 beautiful and powerful women at: 'Unveiling The Masterpiece Of You'...@ Hotel Le Boscarecce in the Castelfiorentino countryside...truly a 'pinch me, am I actually here kind of place' ♡

Without delving into too much detail, as we are completing our incredible journey towards these 5 amazing women manifesting their deepest intentions for themselves...it has been a most joyful and also a very 'humbling' adventure.

I've had more growth as a leader this week than I've had virtually my whole life.

I'm getting to experience that when I surrender to the 'what is'...and let go of my expectations of how things SHOULD be...by allowing circumstances to unfold without letting my ego take over... engaging a few participants (shiny bright and gifted leaders) to step up and truly OWN their expertise and guide me into even better ways of showing up, to serve them...it feels in alignment my heart and soul and my tribe is popping with their breakthroughs too ♡

I'm discovering that asking for feedback and support...and leading with love is a powerful way to help others step into their own power and greatness...and I am beyond grateful for every learning so far.

Know that you can achieve SO much more in your life when you step out of your f'n (fear and ego) way, get the support that you need for your ultimate growth and let your heart (love) lead the way ♡

Never fear 'failure'...as you can only win or learn!

At Your Humble Service,


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