Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK ...today's message is about the personal power each of us has to shift another's reality.

Just yesterday, I threw myself together rather quickly to attend a great sample sale my friend had just texted me about.

I stopped for gas...did the deed...went inside the store to pay and as I approached the lovely young woman at the counter, she looked up and said with a big smile "You are so pretty." I said: "Pardon me?", as I wasn't sure, I heard right.

She repeated herself, and I dumbfoundedly said: "Thank you, so are YOU!" She smiled. I paid. It felt lovely.

I felt as though I'd been touched by an angel. Her kind gesture was so simple. I have rarely heard anything like that even in my younger years.

As I rifled through the credit cards in my wallet, I realized I had an unchecked Lotto Max ticket from a few weeks back.

I asked if she could check my ticket and she said: "Of course!"...with a big smile.

I was inspired to declare: "You know, because of your kindness today...I promise to split my winnings with you". She laughed and said it would not be necessary.

She put my ticket into the machine and the happy music came on: "WINNER...GAGNON!" Seriously? LOL!

She said you won $22! I have never won anything more than enough to buy another ticket. I said: "Wonderful...please give me 11 (that's a magical number) dollars!". She said: "Oh no...I couldn't".

I said: "You must...because you need to be rewarded for your kindness...which is rare".

We both laughed and I could tell she felt as AMAZING as I did ☆

Think about what happened a moment.

All she did was give a sincere compliment and that totally shifted my day.

Later I had 3 random strangers reach out with interest in my coaching services...and I set up Complimentary Clarity Calls with them. This rarely happens on a random day. They didn't even know about my Black Friday Promo...lol!

My point is this...we have great power to make a difference in another's life with our intentions and words. When we raise another's and our own vibrations through our sincere kindness...more good things flow to each of us and the world at large as a result. I refer to them as 'little miracles' ☆

May we all have the courage to serve each other with kindness & love ♡

When we acknowledge and reflect another, it turns the winds of good in our direction for more good to flow!

To Your Goodness,


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