Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK ...so today's message made me do a double-take.

Wow...I think back to all the years where I was afraid to be myself fully and have really honest conversations and relationships for fear of being rejected...and my truth got bent.

I was afraid to be truly truthful. I felt I had to pretzel myself into whatever shape I had to become in order to be loved & accepted.

Fast forward to today...where I did the work to finally speak my truth...have left behind my personal darkness and created an authentic life of MY dreams...connected to my Mission/Purpose.

Most importantly I'm blessed to serve my beautiful tribe to get real and do the same...so they can truly live the life they were born to live.

What relationships are you maintaining where you are not fully open to speaking your truth?

Please message me by responding to this message, if I may support your struggle at all.

At Your Service,


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