☆ Speak Things into Existence ☆

☆ Speak Things into Existence ☆

I was inspired to share a Jay Z quote that speaks to powers you may not even realize that you have!

Are you aware that by living your life in a positive vibration, experiencing joyful, grateful, fun, loving...etc... moments, and by making this way of living as your 'go to' way of being...that you can actually 'speak things into existence'?

You ARE that powerful ☆

The fine art of manifesting is a tricky business however...and I believe it only works when you truly believe that you deserve a certain outcome or item. That you believe that acquiring that circumstance or thing is in alignment with who you TRULY are.

It helps if you are wanting to help others through your requests...as this 'giving back service state' is a 'high vibration'...where you can attract your desires ♡

So...consider letting go of the 'how' and simply FEEL what it would be like to manifest a certain thing or result ☆

To recap:

  • Feel GREAT (love your vibe)!
  • Ask for an outcome or thing
  • Let go of the 'how' & allow the Universe to bring it to you.

You truly CAN speak things into existence...trust me...I see my clients do it time and time again ♡

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