Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

Today's message a gentle reminder about your true essence.

Do you believe that you were brought here...a chip off the ol' divine block...a beautiful being...created for a purpose that only you can fulfill?

As you are a small piece of this Divine Source...whatever you believe that Source to be...is it possible that you are divine too?

Is it possible to see yourself through the gentle eyes of your Higher Self?

Is it possible that when you are deeply connected to your true essence...your divine Higher Self that you are pure LOVE?

I believe that no matter how messy our past is...no matter how dark our shadows are...the truth is that we can always come back to the truth of who we are...pure love ♡

I invite you to let that settle into your heart & soul...your bones...and may this gentle thought bring us peace during this busy & hectic holiday season ☆

At Your Service,


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