☆ Grow…Don’t Die ☆

☆ Grow…Don’t Die ☆

Today Spirit asked me to ask you one simple question. Are you growing or are you dying?

Are you open to a 'growth mindset' where you can consistently move into areas of your curiosity and interest and find out more about what inspires and intrigues you?

Are you aware that as humans we only use about 10% of our minds?! Isn't that crazy? What more could you possibly tap into if you dug deeper and explored new areas that interest you?

I challenge you to take on ONE new thing that interests you in this upcoming week. What ONE thing intrigues you right at this very moment that you could learn more about?

Does the idea of playing a musical instrument intrigue you? SO many music schools are offering adult classes...as it's NEVER too late!

Heck if I could become a pro musician at 51, I believe that anyone with a passion can do anything they desire!

I think that your desires/dreams were gifted to you in order for you to become the person that takes inspired action and makes them happen ☆

Do you love animals? How about volunteering at an animal shelter and learn more about serving beautiful domestic beasts?

Do you love to cook? There are many awesome cooking schools offering yummy workshops and classes!

You see, when your brain is learning something new, it is in an active and high vibration state, and not only do you gain more joy, the joyful vibes permeate other areas of your life too.

You may notice better results and better relationships as you take the time to invest in your growth. It takes your life on a positive spiral upwards!

Feel free to hit reply and share with me what you plan on taking on, so I can high five you and cheer you on!

At Your Service,


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