Happy FAB FRIDAY beauty!

OK ...so today's message is about answering your soul's calling...to CREATE ☆

Creation is one of the highest vibrations we can choose for ourselves.

Many beautiful souls in the depths of their pain and darkness have found their way out of their pit, by creating art. They have healed through creating.

They have delved into: Visual (e.g. painting), audio (e.g. music), kinesthetic (e.g. dance)...to name a few...

You see...like me...my tribe of beautiful heart-centred souls have tended to hide away their artistic side in favour of making others proud or happy...by being 'successful' in worldly terms....to be loved.

They have ignored the desires of their souls. They have parked their passions away that they almost forgot they had them at all.

I say...dig deep beautiful one...reconnect with what brought you joy as a child. Incorporate it into your life somehow... anyhow!

Trust me...when you do, there is a vibrational shift that affects other areas of your life too...and miracles tend to find you. Life gets easier ♡

It's quite amazing really!

Will you hit reply and let me know what creative choice you wish to engage in again? Let me know how you plan to do it!

At Your Service,


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