Aligned Online

Today’s massage is just about a super short insight I was guided to share today!

Your Dream

Your Dream

Today I invite you to answer a powerful question ☆ what is your BIG DREAM?

Trust Your Vibes

So today is less a FAB FRIDAY and more a Good Friday…so special blessings on all my Christian friends ♡ I was asked to share a super short and sweet message around trusting your inner spidey senses…that are virtually never wrong. You know intuitively who is good for you…and who needs to step away…but your […]

☆ Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever ☆

So…perhaps I’m going out on a limb here, but might you possibly be a heart-centred accomplished ‘ROCKSTAR’ to the world, but you don’t truly feel it, in fact deep down you may actually feel like an imposter, dare I say…a fake? You think to yourself: ‘I made all the right moves, I’m a good person, […]