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What is This Course All About?

The most amazing thing about this Online Course, is that you have the ability to do it anywhere, any time and at your own pace! Want to listen to the course on your phone as you’re driving home from work every night? We’ve got your audio! Prefer to relax with a tea and watch your lesson? Well, we’ve got your Video lesson! Enjoy reading? Perfect, you can read through the PDF version of the course! At the end, you’ll have the choice to work privately with Elvira or a Miracle Mindset Mentor to support your healing and growth to greatness!
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3 reviews for VIP Mindset Reset Online

  1. Stephanie Sebastiano

    “The tools and practices of The Miracle Mindset Mastermind not only saw me through some very difficult times, but it supports me everyday!! I’d be lost without this program💖” THANK YOU!!

  2. Elizabeth Smith

    Before working with Eleanor, I struggled with owning my power. In working with her, I discovered that the simple tools of The Love Your Vibe Transformation were incredibly powerful!
    After working together, I have a deeper understanding of the tools I learned from the VIP Mindset Reset Online course.
    The biggest result I experienced in working with Eleanor is that I no longer feel guilty in letting go of my “people pleasing” tendencies.
    I no longer feel that I have to expect others, nor wait for them, to grow with me. I realize now by playing small to make them comfortable, does not empower either of us.
    I learned to recognize when relationships were becoming toxic, and I can comfortably and confidently put people in my far outer circle with love and light, while I continued my journey.
    I have not cast them aside forever, but if/when the timing is right on both sides, I can welcome these people back into my life.
    I no longer feel that I am abandoning them, but I am allowing my journey to continue without feeling resentful of them for the expectations they put on me, which were detrimental to my growth.
    This has given me more clarity, and freedom to let go of any guilt that I was feeling when my growth exceeded those of loved ones.
    I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you, Eleanor! Thank you so much for your calm manner, your kind heart, and your encouragement to dig deeper to break through barriers I was initially afraid to explore.

  3. Maria Angelova

    I felt privileged to be part of this program. The vulnerable, open, loving, caring atmosphere and approach made me feel safe, progressing, and curing the wounds of my soul. Thank you, Eleanor, for your full engagement with every word I shared, thank you for your caring and deep diving, encouragement, and celebrating!
    I highly recomend this program!

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