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How Kendra Can Help You Go from 'Crap Magnet' to 'Miracle Magnet


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Kendra's Journey

[text_block style="style_1.png" align="left"]Born, raised and educated in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, Kendra realized a job in Urban Planning was not what she wanted to do. She did want to travel after graduating and found herself in Germany with her boyfriend who was Canadian Military. After returning to Canada while he was in the Gulf War, she began working in sales. Not fulfilling, but happy to have a job, she was preparing for when her boyfriend got out of the army and returned to Canada. She was devastated when she received a letter from a mutual friend (before home computer days) letting her know her boyfriend was marrying someone else. This crushed her and defined her for several years. She managed to dig herself out of the that pit of depression and helplessness and met the love of her life, her current husband.


Fast forward through administrative and sales jobs and starting a family, Kendra became an Independent Consultant with Arbonne. Allowing her to stay home with her children while growing her business, she was enjoying freedom and flexibility. She grew her team to the level of Regional Vice President. Her team slowly quit and she took it very personally. She assumed she must not have been an effective leader if these consultants left. Her self worth took another beating. Unable to shake her passion for serving people and making a difference, she continued with her Arbonne business, determined to do the personal growth necessary to become whole and confident again.

Recently, she encountered a situation where she was called to stand up for herself. Although it took some time, she finally did. She realized that if she didn't stand up to the bully, how could she ever expect either of her children to stand up to the "mean kids". Becoming completely unattached to the outcome, she found peace and strength.

Today she is determined to help others be the best they can be...going from being a "crap-magnet" to a "miracle magnet"!



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