When you need a vibe boost take this 3 hour, KICKASS power coaching session.

VIP Miracle Intensive Home / VIP Miracle Intensive The VIP Miracle Intensive is for those who are well established in their personal development journey who feel a little stagnant or stuck and need a powerful spiritual catapult into their most brilliant future ☆ Elvira escorts you through 3 hours in 3 phases to help you […]

Make Miracles Happen with Elvira’s 6 Month Elite Coaching Program

Unleash Your Miracle Life Home / Unleash Your Miracle Life 6-Month Private Coaching Package Are you struggling with a smile on your face? If you’re like the beautiful heart-centred clients I’ve joyfully served over the past decade, on the outside looking in you’ve got it all together. But underneath, you’re struggling silently. Perhaps you’re struggling with […]