The following constitutes an agreement between (Participant) and Elvira V. Hopper carrying on business as evhopper enterprises (Elvira).
Within the context of this agreement, “I” refers to the Participant.
In consideration of the Participant’s offering to pay for the services to be provided by Elvira and Elvira’s agreement to provide the services herein described and other good and valuable consideration, the parties hereto hereby agree as follows:

1. Registration. By registering as a participant of The Love Your Vibe Transformation System, Participant will have access to the components, inclusive of:

1.1. VIP Mindset Reset Online Course (the “ Course ”)
1.2. Miracle Mindset Mastermind group mentorship (the “ Program ”),
1.3. and the Miracle Mindset CHI membership website (the “ website ”).

2. Copyright. I understand that the Course is copyrighted and owned by Elvira.

3. Confidentiality. I agree to not disclose, divulge, reveal, report or use, for any purpose, any confidential information that is part of the Program I participate in. The obligations of confidentiality will apply for the full duration of the Program and will survive indefinitely.

4. No Professional Advice or Representations. This is a group mentoring program. By enrolling
in the Program as a participant, I agree to these terms and take full responsibility for my own
actions and results before, during and after receiving the service. Boundaries for code of conduct
will be set and upheld with a Manifesto for rules of engagement in the group mentoring sessions:

4.1We will HOLD SPACE -- without judgement, this means we show up with honour & respect so everyone is Safe, Seen, Celebrated & Supported ♡ We are NOT “fixing” anyone.

4.2 We will set and respect BOUNDARIES.

4.3 We will RESPECT EVERYONE'S TIME -- ie. 3 minutes per person for each share; mentor may interrupt to redirect.

4.4 We will LISTEN -- Hold space vs. thinking! ie. instead of formulating your next comment, we may ask questions for clarity; to practice active listening, you may be  invited to engage with other mentees.

4.5 We will be SOLUTION ORIENTED -- It’s ok to vent and tell your story, but you are encouraged to make the choice and shift perspective, circle back to intention.

4.6 We will TELL THE TRUTH faster!

4.7 We will practice COURAGE -- Stay open & trust the process, even if/when I feel triggered/confronted and others feel like the enemy.

4.8 We will learn to be VULNERABLE.

4.9 We will LAUGH & CREATE in the spirit of fun & play.

4.10 We will HONOUR & RESPECT everyone’s privacy, please keep confidentiality of our group experiences.

4.11 We will request a PLEDGE -- It is your choice to apply tools recommended, ie. books, additional resources. We will not chase  you.

4.12 We’re all in this TOGETHER -- Always for the highest good of each individual; ME-- >WE

4.13 We will practice INTEGRITY & ACCOUNTABILITY -- I agree not to approach the participants individually to promote sales opportunities, nor spam participants of the group.

My Mentor is excited to provide me with a safe, non-judgemental environment. I understand that my Mentor does not offer any professional, personal, medical, health, business, financial
or other advice. I understand that it’s up to me to obtain the professional advice that I need or require at any time. I agree I am responsible if I use the Course or materials in any way that might conflict with my medical or professional advice.

The Program, the Course and the materials on the website are all provided "as is" and there are no representations or warranties being made of any kind, either express or implied, that
the Course, Program or materials will result in any particular outcome. I understand that I am solely responsible for my actions and results in my life.

5. By enrolling as a participant of the Program. I understand and consent to Mentor Apprentice(s) attendance for training purposes; they will observe and contribute, and they will be privy to vulnerable shares, but may not be interacting as participants. Each Mastermind will accommodate no more than 10 participants per Mentor. Mentoring is provided in English language only and does not provide closed-captioning nor language translation at this time. Please advise if you have accessibility requests.

6. No Negative Statements or Actions . I agree to not take any action or make, publish or record any statements that could have a negative impact on or hurt a Mentor or fellow participant, or that is derogatory, defamatory, libelous or slanderous to anyone involved with The Love Your Vibe Transformation System.

7. Limitation of Liability . I agree that, in the event of any claim or grievance by me against evhopper enterprises, the Mentors or the Mentor Apprentices, my sole remedy will be the return of the fees paid to evhopper enterprises. evhopper enterprises and its owner are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages beyond the total fees paid by me.


8.1. I understand and agree that the information I have provided is accurate and current. The information is collected, disclosed and eventually destroyed under the PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act).
8.2. The online sessions will be recorded, not for distribution, but to ensure legal and safety policy standards.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND CONSENT: I acknowledge and agree that I have read the Terms and Conditions and Waiver above and agree to abide by them. (*means that the information is required to process the request).

I agree that:

I would like to receive emails, including information, updates and promotions from Elvira and my Mentor. I understand that I may unsubscribe at any time, by way of the unsubscribe link contained in the communications.

By checking the boxes below*, I agree that:


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Signed by Elvira Hopper
Signed On: January 8, 2021

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