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A perfect metaphor for coaching: Michelangelo was once asked just how he managed to create The David….a statue so perfect and real, right down to the veins in his hand. Michelangelo responded with: “I began with a block of marble…I removed everything that wasn’t David…and David appeared.”

Many people today are seeking a more empowered and fulfilling way to live. They often feel restrained by their relationships, careers, society in general and by their own thinking. They know that they can live with more joy and achieve or contribute more, but don’t know how. And, that is where a life coach comes in.

Just like a sports coach, life coaches work with their clients to assess strengths, identify areas that need to be worked on, provide a “training program” and ongoing encouragement and support, as their clients work towards and achieve their goals.

My clients objectives can be as broad as learning to turn around a negative mindset and create a new life path, to recovery from depression and anxiety, to as specific as a particular career aspiration or managing a difficult relationship.

I encourage anyone looking for a life coach to select a professional with whom you can relate either from the point of view of shared experiences and/or values. I am blessed to be able to mentor anyone with whom I have a mutual resonation and heart connection. I do, however, have a special interest in serving heart-centred and artistic souls, as I am one of them. I have experienced each and every disempowered way-of-being, but now, thanks to walking my own talk and following my Love Your Vibe approach, I am living the life of my dreams…

As your life coach, my focus is on creating a better and beautiful future (although past experiences and issues and how they have contributed to current situations are addressed).  Studies have shown that we can change our brains and our thinking – no matter our age or experience. I impart new and helpful ways of navigating through life with my Love Your Vibe miracle mindset as the foundation, and daily activities based on extreme self care, spirituality and creativity. After an initial meeting, I typically coach my clients over the phone with compassion and adaptability to each individual’s sensitivities and needs.

My over-riding goal is for my clients to feel and attain their best selves and live with more joy, peace and accomplishment – in other words, to live the life of their dreams!

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