Jennifer’s Miracle Mindset Mastermind – 6 Month Bundle


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Working with Jennifer will provide you with a caring and empathetic friend. Someone who will have your back, who’ll shine a light while you do the work to become your best self. Jennifer will be the best encourager always and your biggest cheerleader. Jennifer strives to help every individual to the best of her ability, to feel safe, seen, celebrated and supported, allowing the space and grace for the healing required in a goal oriented manner.

Join Jennifer’s Miracle Mindset Mastermind and save 10% off the monthly price by purchasing a 6 month bundle.

1 review for Jennifer’s Miracle Mindset Mastermind – 6 Month Bundle

  1. Jennifer Hawkins

    Life is a journey with many ups and downs. I walked my path with Jennifer for the past 6 months and I found her to be a loving generous soul. She helped me get through some very dark times. Jennifer holds the light when you can’t. She is committed to her clients and will always be there for them.

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