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Alison's Journey

[text_block style="style_1.png" align="left"]Alison was born, raised and educated in the Greater Toronto Area. She was afforded every opportunity growing up in a loving family. At the age of 12, during her primary growth period, she was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, a childhood kidney disease. Seven weeks before the end of school she was hospitalized and put on large doses of medication for the next 6 months. As an adolescent with a childhood disease, medication dosing was at best a guess. The ensuing side effects of the drugs were dramatic, and returning to school the following year, both teachers and friends didn’t recognize her. But, she was in full remission by November. High school wasn’t anything remarkable, always the chameleon, Alison had friends in all social groups but wasn’t really part of any specific group. University followed with a degree in Psychology and English.


After University her love of travel was sparked studying in France for a summer and traveling around Europe. She secured a job in the Financial Industry after her return. She thought she wanted to be a stock broker, until she worked daily with them, the intense personalities and the hustle of the industry for several years. Jobs in several other industries followed, always bouncing around and never quite fitting in and finding the “career” she loved.

Once her first child was born, she stayed home for a year quickly realizing a return to the corporate 9-5 world wasn’t going to work. She got physically ill at the thought of returning to an industry and job she didn’t love as the end of maternity leave neared. Always feeling “like she was playing hookey” she was able to stay home through her second pregnancy and after her second child was born. It never felt right, like something was missing, after all, like so many others, she had been taught to go school, get a good education, then get a job, work through the ranks and eventually retire. Only years later did she realize why a 9-5 job never felt right and she never found one she loved and wanted to work at as a career. She had been a square peg in a round hole.

When her children were 6 and 4, she found a business she could align with and began as a brand ambassador with that company. She loved it, was out with adults, and had a purpose and rose to a high level with in the company within 2 years, only to become sick 7 months later which halted her business in its’ tracks. Years later, she realized she had been in business doing what was expected of her the way she was told it “worked”. Unfortunately, that way of doing business wasn’t authentic to Alison so she ended up with a complicated case of Mononucleosis. For 3 months she was incapable of returning a 2 line email because her body (and brain) had shut down with exhaustion, mental confusion and liver complications. Only 18 months later did she feel “recovered” to about 80%.

She stepped back into her business which had flattened and dipped due to her inability to work and devote the hours necessary to the business. She developed eczema on her face and severe digestive issues. It took over a year to figure out she was allergic to dairy, most likely a side effect of a depleted immune system due to the Mononucleosis. Unfortunately, her primary business at the time was representing personal care products, facial products and make up, most of which she couldn’t use because of her eczema. Depression followed once the food allergies manifested more frequently and her confidence sank to nothing.

During this time, she was getting up “because of my kids”. A usual happy person as her friends would describe her, “the happy, fun and positive one”, she was anything but happy. One day she woke up and decided she didn’t want to live like that for the rest of her life. A massive personal growth journey ensued once that decision was made. An avid fiction reader, to the tune of over 50 books a year, she didn’t pick up anything other than personal growth books for the next 4 years.

As she worked on healing herself both physically and emotionally, her spiritual side became more pronounced. Suddenly, her entire life made sense, the premonitions, the really big “gut feelings” and the avoidance of crowds, events and people had a reason. She was delving into her spiritual side and had to accept the truth. She had never fit in any group and merely had acquaintances other than a small handful of life long friends, it’s who she was and is. A chameleon flitting around the edges, friends with everyone but never getting too close. And she started having vivid dreams that would shift her thinking and spirit as her gifts were beginning to open up. She started intuitive readings with Tarot Cards as the conduit and found a gift she had always pushed down, as coincidence. She could accurately read things about people she had just met, often bringing them to tears because she was able to convey truth to them using her intuitive gifts.

Alison still wasn’t in a place of ease, and her health was still unresolved, she got more tired and unsettled as time passed, knowing something wasn’t right. Results from blood tests revealed an autoimmune disease, Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. Everything was explained, especially the daily and debilitating exhaustion. The spiritual universe had whacked her on the head once again, stopping her dead in her tracks with illness. She was not living life as she was meant to live it.

Once she accepted her spiritual side and began growing with it, her intuition and empathetic growth was rapid, revealing other gifts such as mediumship and angel connections. She was finally accepting of who she was and the downloads were fast and often overwhelming. With the help of spiritual mentors, she was able to navigate several spiritual hurdles, including attachments (both living and deceased spirits), a haunting and being able to smell spirits. For a woman who would have thought all of that completely insane even 6 years before, it was enlightening.

Having to completely switch up who you are, doing a 180 degree turn of how you’ve lived your life and what you believe after several decades on this planet has been challenging. It has also been incredibly rewarding, Alison has met the most amazing people who align with her and are like friends she has had for many years, after only days or months. Her spiritual gifts are mostly under control and she has learned how to control them. As a Whole Wellness Mentor, she is able to teach others who are experiencing similar situations how to navigate their new life. The health struggles have given her a vast knowledge of how our bodies work and an acute awareness of her own being, slowly healing it from many years of chronic illness. As she says, I felt good but I know I can feel Great. It has been a long healing journey that continues but with some incredible lessons, friends and opportunities along the way.

Alison has found her place in this world with an open heart, living love and joy everyday and helping others realize their true purpose in life. If she can help one person bring more love and joy into their life, she has done her job and improved the world.



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