As you breathe in the warm autumn breeze, every cell of your body awakens and you feel more alive than ever before.

You have a FRONT ROW SEAT to one of Mother Nature’s most wondrous miracles – the most vivid array of colors as the radiant sun begins to set over the Tuscan hills.

You soak up the vibrant energy of this magical place, the heart where great historical change and rebirth happened, when all of Europe transitioned from the OLD to the NEW…. and you come to realize,

you are ready, you are finally here!

TUSCANY is the PERFECTO place to spend 8 MAGICAL Days & Nights...

What better place to reveal your radiant self than where the Renaissance was born!

Stepping out of your comfort zone and into a magical one, you will feel fully aligned as you consciously rebirth your TRUE self.

There is an authenticity in Tuscany that will seep into your soul. As you chip away the false layers of your old life, you will reveal what you have been suppressing for so long …… the truth of who you really are!

During this TRANSFORMATIONAL retreat, you will practice the Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset, supported with TOOLS to help you uncover what is truly possible for yourself.

Just IMAGINE what it would FEEL like to:

Learning how to Love Your Vibe, you will shift from a people pleaser to a SELF pleaser, restoring your authentic power and living the life you want on your terms.

With our Vibrational Scale, you will use the secrets for staying in your HIGH VIBE ZONE, leading fearlessly and attracting all you desire.

Immersed and inspired by Renaissance art and beauty, you will give your INNER ARTIST permission to truly shine and finally release your creative masterpiece.

Through a guided self-care practice, you will unwind, pamper, and nourish yourself with SELF-LOVE rituals like never before.

Grounded in your core truth, you will now have an unwavering FAITH knowing that every step you make forward is being supported for your greater good.


# 1 Regret of the Dying

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself,

not the life others expected of me.”

~ Bronnie Ware, Author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying

Why should you join us?

By the end of this retreat, through powerful exercises in creativity, sacred connection, and self-love, and rich authentic Italian experiences of beauty and wonder, you will cut through the facade of your false self, clearing away all that is undesirable, and fearlessly looking within to reveal what has been waiting all along, your strengths and core truths, your authentic self……….

your personal masterpiece!

Imagine…a block of marble

that was labeled IMPERFECT, previously REJECTED twice by sculptors, and lay DORMANT for 40 years!

Only Michelangelo could see past the exterior of the stone to the magnificent vision of what was

waiting to be revealed.

“David was always there in the marble.

I just took away everything that was not David.”   

   ~ Michelangelo

There is a DAVID waiting INSIDE of YOU!



The CENTER of the RENAISSANCE was the catalyst for taking all of Europe out of the dark and into a rebirth.

From middle ages to the modern world, this city was the pulse of great discovery and art. It holds some of the world’s most artistic wonders of creation including Michelangelo’s David.

The creative vibe here will awaken possibility within you and help reveal your own inner David!


The JEWEL in all of ITALY is an enchanting hamlet within the trinity of Florence, Pisa, and Siena.

Here lies the heart of the Tuscan way of life. You will feel the relaxing and energizing power of its beauty as it TAKES YOU IN to all of its authenticity and wonder.


Your ITALIAN HOME awaits you!

A charming and beautifully restored 200 year old farmhouse and barn is a hilltop hideaway with commanding views of the Tuscan countryside, and the setting for the most magnificent sunsets to grace your eyes.

There will be free time scheduled so you can take advantage of all the amenities.

Whether a game of tennis, a mountain bike ride, lounging by the salt water pool, country walks, reading a book in the library, exploring the gardens and olive groves, or doing the local thing like taking an afternoon siesta, you will have enough play and reflective time to nourish your soul as you desire.

All bedrooms have a tranquil view of the countryside and come with an en-suite bathroom, free WiFi, air conditioning, hair dryer, safe, and kettle with complimentary tea and coffee.

Each are named after famous literary or historical female figures, and lovingly decorated with a mix of rustic charm and modern appeal.

Le Boscarecce fourth generation owner, Susanna, will warmly welcome you with big open arms, as only a true Nonna would do.

She will spoil you with her warm hospitality and pamper you with her authentic Tuscan cuisine, as you dine al fresco under the stars.

Some of Susanna’s 5 STAR stellar reviews on TripAdvisor: ‘she was our teacher of the Italian way and made our stay the most memorable of our travels’, ‘makes you feel right at home’, ‘magical skills in the kitchen’, ‘best host on the planet’, ‘a little slice of heaven, complete with an angel’

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life.”

~Anna Akhmatova


Italy is home to FAST CARS and SLOW FOOD. Here, the preservation of a region’s cuisine is of utmost importance.

You will practice the art of LIVING in the PRESENT moment, as you LINGER over a meal and SAVOR every ingredient.

TUSCAN FOOD is authentically prepared using simple farm fresh ingredients, in the true spirit of la cucina Italiana.


The starter course of all Tuscan meals begins with a multitude of small plates of various colors and textures to awaken your taste buds.

You will need to pace yourself as you feast on the staples of bruschette and crostini, along with a mix of pecorino cheese, grilled eggplant, prosciutto and melon, marinated artichokes, and other delicious delights.


The primo/first course may be a flavorful soup, hearty pasta, or a creamy risotto. A birthright of all Italians, pasta comes in all shapes and sizes and paired with ragu (meat sauce), it is one of Tuscany’s signature dishes.

The secondo/second course is a simple fish or meat roasted or grilled, seasoned with a few fresh ingredients, where less is more, and the quality reigns supreme.


Chef extraordinaire, Susanna, will tempt you with her culinary creations, and multi-course meals.

Whether homemade pasta, artisanal pizzas from her giant wood oven, decadent gelatos, or any special dietary needs you may have, she will fill your belly with delectable offerings and your heart with lasting memories.


Autumn is the ONLY time when olives are handpicked for the FIRST pressing.

You will be able to savor this special moment through an OLIVE OIL TASTING and sample the different qualities and flavors.

Authentic and pure olive oil from Italy is a prized possession. Be sure to remember to take some home!


The wines in Tuscany are some of the country’s BEST!

Being in the heart of the Chianti region, this is the ONLY place where you will find Chianti Classico, one of the finest wines in Italy.

If wine is not your fancy, and chocolate is, then a perfect autumn day paired with a Cioccolata Calda (Italian hot chocolate), is one of the most decadent treats in the world. Pure bellissima!


While in Italy, one of life’s biggest questions is “What kind of gelato shall I taste today?”

There are so many flavors from traditional pistachio to artisanal combinations using rosemary and basil.

We know some of the best tucked away places where you can really put your taste buds to the test.

“ The mind gives us thousands of ways to say NO,

but there’s only one way to say YES, and that’s from the heart.”

~Suze Orman


What if you could clear away all that was not serving you

and live more joyously from a place of absolute truth?

The Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset brings the authentic power within you into focus to create a life that is more meaningful to who you truly are and what matters most.

As you begin to clear away, you will be able to identify and connect to your Vibration of Authentic Power (VAP) – an energy source that is within you.

Harnessing your VAP through a unique set of powerful mindset tools, you will retrain your mind and keep yourself in a HIGH VIBE state.

These tools embody the 3 Pillars of Authentic Living:

1) Extreme Self Care Practice

2) Creativity Practice

3) Spirituality Practice

Each of these pillars will be paired with outdoor experiential exercises so you can put all you learn into practice and witness true transformation.

You will know that to LIVE in your VAP is the place you want to be!

Pillar 1: EXTREME SELF CARE Practice

HONOR yourself with morning rituals to awaken and connect with your sacred body, and nightly relaxations for a blissful sleep

NOURISH yourself with restful siestas and the most wholesome and healthy Italian food

PAMPER yourself with hot springs, shopping trips, and time to play

You will realize that LOVING the REAL YOU is the source of your authentic power!

Pillar 2: CREATIVITY Practice

IGNITE your creative emotions as you witness the most gorgeous frescoes, artistic wonders, and awe-inspiring beauty

HEIGHTEN your senses with olive oil and wine tastings, an immersive authentic Tuscan cooking class, and sound reiki awakenings

STIR your passions with intimate art tours, engaging imaginative exercises, and self-expressive activities

You will set you INNER ARTIST FREE with an array of creative inspirations that will help reveal your own masterpiece within!

Pillar 3: SPIRITUALITY Practice

CONNECT deeper to a higher power through morning meditation walks, sacred journaling, and enough free time and quiet space for you to go deep within

BE grateful for all that is through a daily habit of appreciation and thanks and a positive mindset to manifest abundance and miracles

LIVE in the present moment through a practice of asking 3 Magical Questions that will keep you grounded and open to life’s magic and possibilities

You will create a firm FOUNDATION OF FAITH to carry you forward in all that you want to do!


You will feel so much PEACE in your heart and soul knowing you can create loving and authentic relationships!

“There comes a time when you roll up your sleeves and put yourself at the TOP of your commitment list.”

~ Marian Wright Edelman


As you uncover and reveal your TRUE YOU, we (being two Italianas) have intentionally designed for you the most supportive and immersive authentic Italian experience. Each of the pillars comes with the invitation to put them into practice in real time through our varied sensory activities.



The journey within begins with a cleansing day of surrender and self-care.

Using the bubbling and therapeutic hot spring waters, you begin to release all that is not serving you as you wash away any fears and limiting beliefs holding you back.

Easing into the slower pace of Italian life, you disconnect from any external constraints and give yourself permission to go deeper into your core and learn the value of just BEING.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to connect on a more heartfelt and meaningful level with your kindred truth seekers. You will be gently guided with a set of tools for making BIG TALK.

Aaahhh … this is la bella vita!


A day of creativity and inspiration awaits in the vibrant city of Florence, where you will visit Gallerie dell Accademia and stand before Michelangelo’s David, our muse for this retreat, an iconic symbol of both power and beauty.

Just as Michelangelo held the vision of his masterpiece as he sculpted away, so too will you create a vision that holds true for you, as you work through the stone of your limiting beliefs, and hone in on your strengths and core values.

You will have leisure time to explore other famous works of great creative vision. The breathtaking basilica and Renaissance gem of the city, the Duomo; the picturesque medieval bridge, Ponte Vecchio; and other famous landmarks as you wander through the piazzas, galleries, and cafes.


A few days of letting go of the facade and you feel the lightest in years. Now, it’s time to really get you grounded and the best way to do this is to get your hands busy.

We have up our sleeves a few fun and interactive activities planned, and one of them is a cooking class with Chef Susanna.

A vivid storyteller, with a genuine love for laughter, she will transport and enchant you with tales about the Tuscan way of authentic living.

You will feel a deep connection to your surroundings in ways you never felt before and this will be your anchor as you realize…

how simple and true life can be!


It’s time to take it to a higher level as you begin to elevate your faith in your newfound truth and future. Sometimes, the most profound and inspiring place to be, is in the presence of masterful works of divine beauty.

One sacred gem is Sant’Agostino Church in San Gimignano, the home of the famous frescoes of Saint Augustine. Here is the ONLY cycle of life of a saint known in Tuscan Renaissance art.

As you absorb these paintings of grace, you will learn of his sinful youth, his quest for knowledge, his sacred learning, and his spiritual evolution from vanity to faith.

This inspiring and magical moment of self-reflection will get you spiritually grounded and raise your belief in yourself and all that is possible.

Also, in San Gimignano, you will be treated to another work of art – a very special gelato from an award winning MASTER gelato maker.

As you wander through this charming medieval village that was an important stop for pilgrims traveling to Rome, you will take in the lucky 13 towers that provide a remarkable and romantic skyline on this hilltop setting.


Off the beaten path is the majestic San Galgano where the remains of this roofless abbey still stand strong.

Here, the 12th century legend, The Sword in the Stone, is a real thing, and has recently been verified for its authenticity.

A powerful exercise awaits you in this sacred space as you claim your truth and set the foundation for a more meaningful life from this day forward.


As you practice living in your VAP Zone, one way to keep you at a high vibe state is to be around passionate people and you are in a country FULL of them!

Italians have a zest for life that is contagious! You will be surrounded by people who LIVE their LOVE and WALK their TRUTH.

A private Chianti Wine Tour will take you to a family whose love for wine and olives spans five generations. Each sample of wine is lovingly and uniquely paired with the most authentic Tuscan specialties. It is a magical moment to savor!

Another day takes you on a culinary adventure and behind the scenes to see how the passionate locals REALLY live and eat.

The vibrant Market of Sant’Ambrigio in Florence is the start of your sampling tour. Practice your Italian with the local vendors as you find out how they choose only the best and freshest ingredients.

You will stop in a local enoteca to sample some delectable snacks paired with a special wine. This wine is vino sfuso, where Florentines get their fill directly from the barrels. By this time, you will have plenty to celebrate and cheer to. Salute!


Here are some EXTRAS to HELP SUPPORT YOU as you go on this journey of inner truth…..

And of course,

we can’t forget…


of being in Italy

is the SHOPPING!

Between the two of us, you have

A Professional Stylist + A Professional Buyer

so we have got you covered from head to toe.

If you love Prada, Gucci, and the like, then Tuscany is the place to be as it is home to the high end designer outlets.

Or if bartering is more your thing, then the outdoor leather markets and clothing stalls in Florence are some of the best in Italy.

Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset Apprenticeship

Whether you are a NEWBIE to the

Love Your Vibe Miracle Mindset Philosophy


are FAMILIAR with it, yet need a NUDGE to practice it more in your life….

this invitation is for you to come to Italy

to experience a full immersion and application of this mindset in everyday life, so you can return with lasting shifts to elevate yourself forward.

True to the Renaissance days of Masters and Apprentices, each excelling forward in their crafts, so too, will you get to put your learning into practice…

so you can reveal your inner masterpiece!


If you resonate with MANY of these thoughts/feelings:

I AM ready to do the inner work and shed all that is not serving me

I AM open to getting out of my comfort zone and seeing a new perspective

  I AM willing to do my best in being honest and true with myself and others

  I AM wanting a better understanding of who I really am

  I AM longing for a deeper spiritual connection and greater faith in the future

  I AM craving a more meaningful life that celebrates my truest self-expression

  I AM curious to know what it is like to live with a Miracle Mindset

  I AM excited to flow with the Italian way of being and surrender to possibility


If you resonate with ANY of these thoughts/feelings:

  I am comfortable with where I am and not open to growth

  I am too busy reacting to life that I have no time creating it

  I am stuck in drama, pain, and struggle and that is just how my life is

  I am influenced by what others want for me and I let them run my life

  I am without any sense of control in my life and other people are to blame

  I am preparing to breakdown rather than breakthrough

  Italians annoy the crap out of me!



√  The LOVE YOUR VIBE Miracle Mindset online course
√  Vibration of Authentic Power Series of Tools
√  8 Morning Meditational Walks with Daily Intentions to keep you in a VAP state
  Experiential Exercises throughout Florence & Tuscany designed to reveal your authentic truth
√  Welcome and closing circle ceremonies
√  And other surprise goodies waiting for you in Italy!


√  Le Boscarecce accommodations for 8 magical nights with en-suite bathroom
√  Free WiFi, air conditioning, hair dryer, safe, local telephone line, kettle with complimentary tea and coffee, view of countryside
√  Private group meeting space, library, al fresco dining room and inside dining room, outdoor terrace
√  Tennis courts, hiking trails, salt water pool, mountain bikes
√  Estate gardens filled with rose bushes, lavender, rosemary, and olive groves


  8 authentic and hearty Italian Buffet Breakfasts
√  Welcome Dinner (3 course meal w/ wine)
√  Farewell Dinner (3 course meal w/ wine)
√  Susanna’s famous Pizza Night Extravaganza
√  Authentic Tuscany Cooking Class Dinner
√  2 Special Themed Dinners- it’s a surprise!


√  Market Sant’Ambrigio Tour- Lunch
√  Private Chianti Wine Tour – Lunch


√  Half Day at Italian Terme & Spa
√  UNESCO World Heritage Sites w/transportation – Florence (2 Days); San Gimignano w/San Galgano (1 Day)
√  Private Tour and entrance fee to Accademia 
√  Private Tour to Market Sant’Ambrigio w/tastings, wine & lunch
√  Chianti Wine Tour w/pairings & lunch
√  And other magical moments! 


√  Florence Airport Transfers to Le Boscarecce (October 14) at designated times only
√  Transfers from Le Boscarecce to Florence Airport (October 22) at designated times only


• Your round-trip airfare from home
• Any meals not included in above (lunches and dinners)
• Wine and alcoholic beverages
• Italian Tourist Tax (2 Euro per day per person)
• Any activities or attractions you choose to do in your free time
• Spa towels, treatments and tips
• Outlet shopping and transportation
• Airport transfers outside of dates and times offered above
• Other non-included items such as souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, taxis, laundry, tips
• Medical expenses
• Personal medical or trip cancellation insurance


You must arrive into the Florence Airport, Firenze/Peretola (FLR) on Oct 14 and depart on Oct 22, 2018 after breakfast. We will have airport pick-ups for the group arriving on Oct 14 at times to be confirmed. If you are not arriving in time to be on those transfers, we can help you arrange your own taxi to Le Boscarecce (at your cost).

If you want to come earlier or stay later for some exploring – call Ales Struna (pronounced Alesh), our travel planner extraordinaire. He has toured extensively all over Italy and can help you design something fabulous! Feel free to reach him at +1-866-866-5566 or

Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond departure date. We recommend you have travel insurance (medical and trip cancellation) in place for your protection.


Elvira Hopper
Love Your Vibe, Founder
Miracle Mindset Coach
Retreat Co-Facilitator


WHY AUTHENTIC LIVING? For 27 years, on the outside, it looked like I had the complete package with a career as a highly successful pharmaceutical rep. Yet, on the inside, I felt hollow and unfulfilled, living out of alignment with who I truly was. This inauthentic living triggered adult bullying situations (both personal & professional) and brought a downward spiral of depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. Fortunately, this became my “blessed breakdown”, a wake-up call to leave my imposter life and break free to live my truth. Today, I’m blessed to be the artist/entertainer I was forbidden to be growing up – becoming a professional jazz musician at the sweet age of 51 and more recently an international jewelry artisan!

WHY LOVE YOUR VIBE (LYV)? LYV mindset tools saved my life, but more importantly helped so many others, because they are based on true experiences of self-transformation, allowing genuine positive change to take place. I became a professional coach to help others connect with their truth and unleash their mindset from restricted living. I can help you connect to and activate your “Miracle Mindset”, so you can create a life of abundance, love, joy, and find your unique purpose!

WHY ITALY? I was born in Naples and speak the language perfectly. My BEST family vacation memories were in Tuscany. I still vividly remember the elegant yet rustic laid back vibes and the sheer raw and ancient beauty of the little hilltop towns. It was truly a healing vibe for me!

MY PROMISE TO YOU: Have you people-pleased yourself into an inauthentic life (like I did) and truly wish to connect with your true self? Do you long to find a more effective and empowered way of showing up in the world? If YES, then meet me in Italy where I promise to help you Get Real and Stay Real. Surrounded by likehearted people, you WILL connect to your beautiful & authentic heart & soul in the most beautiful & authentic country on the planet ☆ It is NEVER too late to make your dreams come true!

“Get out of your own f’n way… your Miracle Life awaits!”


WHY AUTHENTIC LIVING? A rare cancer at the age of 17 made me realize that life is a gift, to be grateful for each moment, and to follow my heart. It is why I switched my studies from science to fashion, changed careers from a successful corporate VP to an entrepreneur, and left an unfulfilling marriage.

WHY EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING & TRANSFORMATIVE RETREATS? In 2004, I took my first 5 day retreat that changed my life. I went in with an open mind – did the exercises to breakthrough my fears and limiting beliefs – and came out with a new perspective on how to live my life. I was hooked on learning through experience. Taking theory from my head to a deep knowing felt in my heart is the best way I know to lasting change.

WHY ITALY? I’m half-Italian and my Nana was very influential in my life. Despite my many travels, it took 43 years to finally see my mother’s birthplace. The first time I set foot in Italy, I knew it was my spiritual home. I have a deep connection to the land, people, food, and immense beauty. It is where I have experienced the deepest personal growths. Everyone should see this beautiful country at least once in their lifetime!

WHY LOVE YOUR VIBE (LYV)? I started using the LYV Miracle Mindset and VAP tools in 2017 and the work has elevated my life in many ways. Designing this retreat is an authentic expression of all my passions and a vision finally manifesting. I am on purpose when I am in service and supporting others through transformation, providing those top ten moments that make life worthwhile and memorable.

MY PROMISE TO YOU: If your heart is saying YES, I invite you to trust it. Take a leap of faith and immerse yourself in Italy. I promise you will land in a fun and supportive place that will help reveal your authentic self so you can live a more meaningful life. It’s TIME to create the life that you want instead of settling for the one you think you deserve.

Theresa Chan
Retreat Designer & Co-Facilitator

”There is a place in the world that can change your life forever.

There is a place in yourself more amazing than you can imagine.”


“It was a revelation to me that there was an empowered yet simple way to show up in the world that projects and attracts energy, and unleashes our true selves. Elvira saved me from a life of self-doubt and fear and continues to inspire me to become my authentic self and all I can be.” ~ KN

“I knew I had a diamond career inside, but just couldn’t seem to get through the thick, seemingly solid exterior of coal surrounding my life to find it. Elvira helped me see my true inner worth and value, and the things that have happened in my life, those times of confusion and waiting, were all leading me to a career that fits me like a glove and makes my heart shine. I’m so grateful.” ~ MH

“Her Miracle Mindset helped me to uncover a lot of what was blocking me, and gave me tools to take my power back and feel like ME again. I rediscovered the parts of me that made me feel the most alive …. immediately after I ‘shifted my vibe’ wonderful things started to come my way.” ~ KR

“When I first met Elvira, my life was on pause. I lacked any sense of vision or direction and was wallowing in mediocrity. Elvira woke me up to the fact that I had a ‘Unique Legacy’ to fulfill. She gave me empowering tools and different ways of thinking. The miracles keep piling up as fast as I can accept them. I look forward to what blessings are coming next. Thank you Elvira!” ~SB

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma—which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”

~ Steve Jobs

OUR TRAVEL PARTNER: Journeys Of The Spirit

Ales Struna
Director of Travel
Journeys of the Spirit® – Luxury Travel


I’ve been passionate about travel ever since I can remember. Having had the opportunity to travel all around the world for many years, it’s my greatest desire to enrich people’s lives in a profound way by creating unforgettable journeys, and give each of my clients the amazing experiences I’ve had throughout my travels.

By allowing me to help with your travel needs, you can be assured that you will be taken care of from the moment we start planning until the moment you return home. Contact me and let me know how I can help you create the true Italian experience you are looking for.

Contact Ales

“May all your travels stir your soul and change your life forever”